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Minggu, 25 Oktober 2009

Suzuki once again develop a sports bike new duck, a capacity of 150 cc, 4 step, 4 valve twin cam, carburetor equipped Constant Velocity, Mikuni BS 26 à ¢ â, ¬ â € œ 187. The design is very sporty and has a taste that is very high. He is FU 150 SC. FU SC 150 is a sport bike duck first step 4 that carries engine with 150 cc Superbike technology / super sport sport even production. This makes FU SC 150 best in its class.

The presence of this FU SC 150 will respond to market longing duck sport bike 4 extraordinary steps. Suzuki Concern for the environment is also reflected in the technology Suzuki PAIR (Pulsed Secondary Air Injection) to reduce NOx and HC emissions.

Comfort in driving improved with the use of the framework of a solid but lightweight, wide palm RIM radius 10. Unique special design features of Double Disc Brake and many other features offered FU 150 SC.

Concept Design

Suzuki FU 150 SC have been developed to realize the concept of the following products: motorcycle that has a powerful engine performance with light weight machine, especially for sports ducks Underbone category 4 steps, and the original style Suzuki has a strong identity. FU150 SC is supported by air-cooled engine / SACS with a capacity of 150 CC (for the category of sports ducks biggest step 4) with high performance. Views aluminum cylinder using Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM) for efficiency in terms of heat transfer, in accordance with the cooling of large-capacity oil owned by this model. Dry weight of only 95 kg (the lightest among the other sports duck Underbone category sport step 4). This is achieved thanks to the combination of the latest design of the lightweight aluminum wheels, instrument trim, heavy frame and lightweight engine. FU SC 150 also features dual front headlights, which were located vertically so that the impression that Suzuki motorcycle luxurious, high-performance like GSX-R 1000 (SupersPort that dominates the finish line first in every race track around the world), sporty instrument panel with digital speedometer and Analog Tachometer and a sporty body.


1. Step 4 DOHC engine, air cooled with SACS
2. Oil Cooler
3. Vertical Dual Headlights
4. Donut-Shaped Brake Lamp
5. 10 Spoke Cast Aluminum Wheel
6. Sharp, Sporty Bodywork
7. Sporty, Compact Instruments
8. Canister-Type Silencer


1. Largest-capacity engine in its class
2. Air conditioners with design SACS (Suzuki Advanced Cooling System)
3. 4 valve DOHC engine
4. SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material)
5. 6-speed transmission
6. Automatic decompression
7. PAIR (Pulsed-Secondary Air Injection)
8. Automatic Cam Chain Tensioner Adjuster
9. Counter Balancer
10. Lubrication point FU 150 SC
11. Carburetor construction

Latest Design Step 4

FU 150 SC engine focusing on the ride comfort is also to optimize the benefits of 4 steps compared to 2-step machine, especially on fuel efficiency, low noise pollution for motor sport, driving comfort and exhaust emissions are lower which of course environmentally friendly.

Machine FU 150 SC

FU 150 SC engines have an advantage on the technology applied to the 150 CC engine capacity of 4 steps, air conditioning / SACS (Suzuki Advanced Cooling System), DOHC, SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material) into the category of sports and Underbone is the latest sport-style vehicles.

Large-capacity engine 150 CC

150 cc engine class superior to a perfect performance. FU 150 SC engine is 150 cc engine offers a new standard in sports performance Underbone. 150 cc engine produces a force, acceleration, and top speed.

Air Cooler Design SACS

SACS design used on sport bikes high performance, Suzuki is the cooling system is compact with high efficiency. These systems deliver engine oil to cool the cylinder head (the hottest parts of a machine) and equipped with grease channels to cool the piston. The channel will reduce the heat at the bottom of the piston. SACS improve combustion efficiency and improve fuel consumption. This makes FU 150 DOHC engine spinning higher SC and generate energy and better endurance. The need for oil in significant amounts, especially for the needs of the cooling and lubrication oil cooling capacity becomes larger.

DOHC and 4 valves

Double Over Head Camshafts (DOHC) and 4 valves persilinder is one type of valve mechanism (valve train) is seen almost in every sport bike engines that have high performance. System with mechanism valve DOHC Direct Acting Valve Drive Mechanism, which allows extra valve operating fine at high rpm. This allows the machine to a high spin which gives the sensation of sporty performance and high efficiency.

TSCC (Twin Swirl Combustion Chamber)

FU 150 Model SC using the engine design unique TSCC's Suzuki. TSCC fuel basis of this space internationally recognized because of resistance as a heart machine, the ability TSCC engine series is better than either a conventional engine valve or 2 valve 4.

Position Top Compression

Top position on the motorcycle compression is needed, especially when going to make adjustments or want to do demolition machines. On SC 150 FU line position compression obtained in the following way:
Remove the cap covering the cylinder head.
Disconnect the spark plug, seal the hole and closing the valve inspectors checking timing hole.
Remove the cylinder head cover
Remove the cap and rotate cpver magneto magneto rotor to adjust the piston to a position of TMA (Upper Dead Point) in the compression step. (Turn up the line rotornya à ¢ â, ¬ Å "He ¢ â, ¬ Â?? In the center hole crankcase cover).

Number of camshaft gear teeth = 34 (in & ex)
The number of crankshaft gear teeth = 17

Tapped Clearance

Specifications gap / rift is allowed (when the engine cold)

Intake: 0.10 à ¢ â, ¬ â € œ 0.20
Exhaust: 0.26 à ¢ â, ¬ â € œ 0.30

SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material)

Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM) is a technology that Suzuki has been proven. Compared with conventional methods that use cast iron liners to protect from friction and heat, the aluminum cylinder 150 SC FU SCEM technology which is a plate with a thickness of several microns. Reduced iron liner makes the engine more compact and lightweight aluminum and has a high heat conductivity compared to iron. SCEM making machines efficiently remove heat to help maintain optimum working temperature.

6 Speed Transmission

150 cc engine has a power and great torque. To streamline the great power, FU SC 150 is equipped with 6-speed transmission with gear ratios actually selected for a dynamic and sport-utility vehicles have a subtle movement in various road and track conditions.

Automatic decompression

Kick starter mechanism on SC 150 is equipped FU Automatic decompression technology contained in one of the camshaft to keep one of the two exhaust valves in fixed position. The goal served to reduce the pressure of the air compression caused by the piston moving up. Based on the above principle of the energy released to kick smaller.

Suzuki PAIR (Pulsed-Secondary Air-Injection)

FU 150 SC engine version displays Thai Suzuki PAIR system that has a friendly mission to the environment. These systems transfer fresh air from the air box into a landfill for disposal of burning gas is not burned in the engine. Thus the emission of poisonous gases nitrogen oxide (NOx) and Hydrogen Carbon (HC) can be reduced. The flow of air that flows in the system governed by the Vacuum PAIR Reed Valve located above the cylinder head.

Automatic Cam Chain Tensioner Adjuster

Cam chain tensioner adjuster is a screw that can adjust the cam chain tension automatically and reduces the sound chain.

How It Works Automatic Cam Chain Tensioner Adjuster
Rapid reaction of a spring mounted on the cylinder as that will play a part in the rod-toothed penegang (tensioner rod). A steering rod penegang keep spinning when the cylinder is not moving forward so that the rod penegang driven out. When the cam drive chain slack, the rod will push penegang automatic tensioner by this spring. Thus keeping the chain tensioner can not be separated from the sproket and also eliminate the crackling sound of the chain. Penegang rod may be withdrawn by removing the rubber cover (cap) and ends with a screwdriver rotate clockwise.

Counter Balancer

To refine the engine rev capacity motorcycle motorcycle large capacity single cylinder mounted counter Balancer.

Work Carburetor Diaphragm and Piston

Venturi in areas across the BS type carburetor enlarge and shrink automatically because the piston valve movement. Valve piston moves in the negative pressure in the flow venturi. Negative pressure occurs in the diaphragm through a small hole (orifice) is located in the valve piston. Negative pressure is greater than the spring force which causes the valve piston diaphragm up into space and maintaining the flow of air in the venturi. Thus the air flow in the venturi channel can be maintained constant to improve fuel pengabutan. Comparison of fuel and air remains in accordance with engine rotation.

A series of chassis component design that is considered of a quality which knows no support komporomi participate. Framework is more robust and lightweight compared with the S 125 FU without compromising rigidity. Chassis FU SC 150 is designed to meet the characters FU 150 SC featuring large capacity machines.

The Firm Also framework Light
Format FU backbone of SC 150 is a solid framework is also lightweight. Compared to the framework that is used in S 125 FU, FU 150 SC order through the process of perfect design, using fewer components to streamline weight and gains power.

Weight Reduction Machine
To maintain the low overall weight of cast iron liners heavy on the cylinder is replaced with composite materials in electrochemical (SCEM).

The Instrument Panel Light And Lean
Instrument panel displays FU 150 SC slender shape and light by using electric speedometer and apply for LCD and LED display data.

Front disc brakes, but the width of Light
The size of the front brakes are 290 mm and is a measure for energy efficient braking. Discs remained light, with a wide inner diameter. Front disc brakes also contribute to the SC 150 FU view more sporty.

Wheels With a radius of 10 Aluminum The Sporty
Rim rear and front wheels made of aluminum provides a different view with 10 fingers and sporty specially created for FU 150 SC. This makes 150 SC FU visually attractive and provide good control performance and excellent ride comfort.

Aluminum Passenger Foot Pegs Cor
Satisfaction has 150 SC FU include passenger foot Pegs made from cast aluminum that is not only lightweight but bolted installation in a way (not in-las in order) on foot Pegs requires careful design.

Fork Home The Steadfast
To increase the robustness of a buffer clamp the bottom bracket on the front fork is made double, compared with S 125 FU only one buffer clamp bracket. Also be high strength with a wheel axle diameter 12 mm (compared to 125 S FU using 10 mm diameter).

Fork protectors Front
Each foot outer fork tube forks covered by protective plastic. To help protect the bottom of the front fork inner tube from scratches caused by dust from the road.

Petrol tank capacity 5 Liter
Energy generated by FU 150 SC 150 cc capacity is adjusted by the capacity of a big gas tank too old to be driving rider FU 150 S

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